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Do you take vacations once or twice a year? Do you take short trips frequently and wish you could extend your trips? Do you dream about traveling the world but always thought that you could never afford it? Well, you my friend, are a part time traveler.

My name is Soda and I am a twenty-something traveler wishing that I could see the whole world. I do travel full time for my job however, it’s mostly business than pleasure.

This blog is dedicated to those who travel from city to city spending only a few days in them. I do travel on a budget and usually stay in hostels or cheap hotels. I travel with 3 things in mind: Culture, Adventure, and Relaxation. In every trip, I try to learn as much about the city, meet new people, try unique dishes, do something crazy and have a day to soak everything in.

I will include tips, itinerary, reviews, and stories about my random trips.

Come and join me. Let’s see the world one step at a time.

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