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Quick Guide to 3 Days in Santiago, Chile

Quick Guide to 3 Days in Santiago, Chile

Three days is nearly not enough to spend in Santiago, Chile. There is just so much to see and do for adventure souls like me. I was planning a trip to Santiago the week of my birthday and I wanted to cross off a few bucket list items. White water rafting, check. Horseback riding, check. Chile is definitely one of those countries that you have to return to. Maybe next time, I’ll plan a trip down to Patagonia. In the meantime, here is a quick guide to 3 days in Santiago, Chile.


Getting Around:

Chile is a skinny but long country located in the western coast of South America. The country stretches as long as California and Oregon combined. Getting around Chile can be tricky but there are several options at your finger tips.

In Santiago, Transantiago runs all the public transit through the city and is easily accessible. You will need to purchase a rechargable Bip! card at the ticket booth of any metro station. Cash will not be accepted onboard. You can read more about Transantiago here.

Taxi and Ubers are also cheap options. I prefer using Ubers for safety measures. Theft is very common in Chile and so are unmarked taxis.

My favorite option of course is hiring a driver. I hired Mauricio Escobar who runs “I’ll Take You”. He is a Spanish speaking guide who speaks little English. He is a fantastic driver and even designed a custom made itinerary for me. I told him what I like to do and he made all the arrangements. We connected through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. For his contact info, please message me.


Spanish is the primary language in Chile. It is rare to find someone who speaks English even at excursions. If you don’t speak Spanish, I recommend learning a few words and download Google Translate or Microsoft Translate.

What To Eat:

Pastel del Choclo and Empanadas are the two main dish in Chile. Pastel del Choclo is a corn and beef casserole usually served as a favorite during the winter months, but you can find them anywhere throughout the year. Empanadas are stuffed baked pastries. They are usually filled with cheese and shrimp, various meats, or cheese and tomatoes. For my vegan and vegetarian friends, finding a place that fits your dietary needs is very difficult but more vegetarian restaurants are popping up more than ever.


In Chile, the Chilean Pesos is used. Make sure that your bills are not ripped or torn. They may not be accepted.

$1 = CP595.46

€1 = CP727.13

£1 = CP818.53

¥1 = CP5.58


Hotels and Hostels are relatively cheap in Chile. If you’re only in Chile for a few days, Santiago Centro is the best location for you. Most tours pick up in Downtown Santiago and day trips to Valparaíso or the Andes are easy to get to.

I decided to book an apartment space through AirBnB. For 5 nights, I paid about $220. The apartment included a front desk reception, full kitchen, warm shower, air conditioning, TV, wifi, and more. Air conditioning is very important during the summer months!


Day 1: Feb. 18th


  • Cajon Del Maipo / Parque Valle del Yeso – National Park located in the Andes – 6,000/person ($10)
    1. Laguna Los Patos – Hike to the duck pond
    2. Termas Del Plomo – Thermal located at the bottom of the hike

Where to Eat:

Empanadas at a shop in San Jose De Maipo – 1,200 ($2)

Day 2: Feb. 19th


  • Ruta Vertical
    1. Horseback Riding and White Water Rafting Combo – 35,000/person ($58.75)

Where to Eat:

  • Blokesur – Modern Chilean Cuisine – 6,000 ($10)
  • Nolita – Italian Cuisine – 18,600 ($31.22)


Victorino – 8,000 ($13.44)

Day 3: Feb. 20th


Where to Eat:

Original Green Roaster – Hipster Cafe – 6,500 ($10.90)

Central Pizza – New York Style Pizza – 12,500 ($21)


Cost breakdown for 2 people for 3 days:

  • Hotel for 5 days: 131,000
  • Transportation from Santiago Airport to Santiago City: 20,000
  • Transportation/Guide: 125,000
  • Guide Tip: 17,500
  • Excursion: 110,000
  • Food for 2 people: 51,800
  • Drinks for 2: 26,500
  • Transportation from Santiago City to Santiago Airport: 17,000

Estimated spent for 2 people: 498,800 = $836.10

click on dates for full itinerary.


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