A Day in Portland, Oregon

A Day in Portland, Oregon
My best friend, MW and I took a quick weekend getaway to the Pacific Northwest seeking adventure. We rented a vehicle and staying with my brother who was residing in Olympia, Washington. We started our trip in Portland, Oregon. 

Getting Around: 

MW and I took the first flight out of Los Angeles to Portland. We took the shuttle to Payless Car Rental, probably the most affordable rental company in the region. We rented a small economy car for about $65USD/day. 

Where to Eat:

Pine State Biscuits

We wanted to pack sandwiches for our hike. Some of the Payless employees gave us a couple of recommendations but it looked like their favorite options were no longer in business. I pulled out my Yelp app on my mobile device and came across Pine State Biscuits. Over 1300 reviews, 4.5 stars. We had to try it. The photos were orgasmic. 
We wanted to pack our food to go, but eating at Pine State Biscuits means ordering in! MW and I sat at the bar top and watched our chefs cook our delectable biscuit sandwiches. I ordered the Chatfield which is a fried chicken, bacon, and cheese slapped with apple butter on a warm homemade biscuit. MW ordered the Reggie with fried eggs. The biscuit is wedge with a fried chicken, bacon and cheese doused in gravy. We shared a basket of the best cajan fries that my mouth has ever tasted and a fresh out of the oven, strawberry pop tart.
Pine State Biscuits is a favorite to all. The atmosphere is filled with classic popular music, an indoor and outdoor sitting area, and a relaxing, enjoyable environment. This restaurant also ask that you clear your own plates…so don’t leave a mess.

To Do:

Hike: Multnomah Falls

Portland’s most famous hiking trail has a spectacular view of the Columbia River Gorge. We did the moderately easy Multnomah Falls hike. When we arrived into the parking vicinity, we were welcomed by a clear view of the waterfall. MW and I were ecstatic! We snapped a few photos before trekking up 11 switchbacks around the mountain. You can see a 360 view of the waterfall as you make your way through each switchback. The hike is a straight incline up for 9 switchbacks before you can catch a break. The end result was rewarding! You can dip your feet in the cold, glistening water and watch the waterfall crash to the bottom.

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Wine Tasting: Cathedral Ridge Winery

Before we hit the road to Olympia, Washington, we decided to make a pit stop for some wine. It was getting late and one of the only wineries that was still open in our general area was the Cathedral Ridge Winery. The Cathedral Ridge Winery is open from 11am to 6pm. For $10, we were able to sample 6 wines, including 1 reserve. I am no wine connoisseur but the ladies working there were helpful and suggested wine based on my preferences.
Portland, you were great and I will return with an empty stomach and my eyes filled with wander!
PDX to Pine State Biscuit (Alberta location) = 3.1 Miles
Pine State Biscuit to Multnomah Falls = 27.5 Miles (about 40 minutes)
Multnomah Falls to Cathedral Ridge Winery = 32.9 Miles (about 37 minutes)