Glamping in Julian, CA

Glamping in Julian, CA

Visited on July 22, 2017

I’ve been to Julian, CA once before on a glamping trip…AKA cabin trip. I remembered trying to trek Three Sisters Falls but nearly fainted from the heat and the lack of nutrition in me. I recalled the spectacular view while crossing over streams, boulders, and reaching the finale, the waterfall. My college friends and I were lounging around one day and decided that we needed to do another Julian trip. 2 weeks later, here we are!

Where We Stayed

We stayed in an AirBnB fit for 6 people. The cabin was constructed and build from the ground up by the owners. Throughout the cabin were photos and blueprints from their building process. It added a beautiful touch to our experience. The cabin does not have wi-fi and the cell can be a little patchy. This gave us a moment to unwind and detox from our online world. Julian_50


What to Do


We decided to hike Volcan Mountain. The trails were dirt roads with little shade. It was quite difficult because even at 9am, it was already 85 degrees and increasing. We came across a few hikers that warned us of rattlesnakes on the trail. We didn’t come across any but we always used caution. We were supposed to do the 1.5 mile trail but because there were rattlesnakes on the actual trail, we decided to do the 5.5 mile trail. I have strong allergies to dirt so only made a third of the way before turning back. Next time, I’ll make sure to pack a bandana for my nose.






All is not loss from the hike. Right across the street from the trail is Volcan Mountain Winery. While my male friends try to complete the hike, the ladies and I decided to kick back and enjoy a few refreshments. We were going to try the 6 wine taster for $10, but after the 3rd sample, we settled with our first choice, the apple sparkling wine.




Cuyamaca Ranch State Park

It was already 95 degrees when we reached Cuyamaca Ranch State Park. For $10, we had access to several trails. We were on a mission to visit their swimming hole. We took the fall trails and in a short walk, we were there. We saw kids splashing in the water, jumping off the cliff into the pool. I wasn’t dressed the part so I observed mostly.



Lake Cuyamaca

Before heading back to our cabin, we made a pit stop to Lake Cuyamaca. This is a great place to go canoeing, kayaking, or fishing. We walked the dock and soaked in the scenery.



The Town

Julian is a small town with a western-ish feel. The downtown region is perhaps smaller than a 1-mile radius. We cruised the area and found a handful of restaurants, a used bookstore, maybe 2 coffeeshops, a few antiques, and other shops.


Where to Eat

We cooked all of our meals while here but one thing you cannot miss while visiting Julian is the Julian Pie Company. Julian Pie Company sells pie by the slice, by the pie, and even pies for you to bake at home. Pie slices can range from $3.50 to $5.50. Whole Pies can cost you about $20 to $25. Their flavor options are endless. Your selections include apple pie, dutch apple pie, rhubarb pie, peach pie, rhubarb strawberry pie, boysenberry, and more. If you ever drive by Julian, stop and get a pie!




I enjoyed my time in Julian. It’s just what I needed in my chaotic life.