Day 3: Toronto Diary: Road Trip to Niagara Falls

Buzz… Buzz.. Reach over and hit the snooze button. It’s 8AM and we decided to sleep in for an additional hour. We have a long day ahead of us with adventure to Niagara Falls.. But first, let’s eat!



Smith is a chic and trendy brunch restaurant located in the Rainbow District. It was such a beautiful day so we decided to take a seat in their cute, quaint patio. I ordered the Huevos Ranchero. I can’t go on a vacation without Mexican-style foods so I was pleased that that was an option on the menu.

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Road Trip

We hit the road around noon to Niagara Falls. There was quite a bit of traffic during our 2 hour drive. Instead of going directly to Niagara Falls like we planned, we pulled over for some wine tasting in Niagara On The Lake.

2015-08-15 11.30.49

Niagara On The Lake

: Truis

We just ate and we are already famish. We went to Trius since they offer food with their wine tasting. Sadly, they didn’t have any tables to accommodate us however, there was a grill bar in the back willing to cook us some burgers. I ordered the Sirlion Burger and a glass of white wine. Every thing was up to par. Delicious and you can’t beat the view.


: Two Sisters Winery

We were ready for a real Wine Tasting experience. We went to Two Sisters. The estate was phenomenal however we felt out of place. Nobody was willing to help us so we marched to the next stop. 2015-08-15 15.38.02

: Peller Estate Winery

The 3rd winery was BUSY! We wanted to see the buzz so we tried to wedge ourselves between people. The winery only had 1 large table, perhaps 5 workers at the table and about 50 people trying to order drinks. We waited patiently and when we were helped, I requested for an Ice Wine (very sweet wine made from frozen grapes…specifically in Canada). My friend order a flight. After we sipped a few glasses, we asked for our bill but the worker told us that it was on the house because we waited a while. We left her a sizable tip and continued our way to Niagara Falls.

2015-08-15 15.59.422015-08-15 15.55.04

Niagara Falls

As we were approaching Niagara Falls, I was taken aback. It felt like I was driving through downtown Reno. There were lights and billboards everywhere. We paid $10 for parking at a nearby lot.

It was scorching outside. We purchased some drinks before taking a short walk to Niagara Falls. We snapped photos from several angles. The falls were breathtaking, however, i wished we were able to get closer to it without standing in line for the boat tours. I am however pleased that you don’t have to pay a fee to view this spectacular falls.

After snapping a few photos, we hit up all the tourist shops before hitting the road.


PanAm Closing Ceremony

As our trip was coming to a close, we wanted to take photos in front of the Toronto sign. We stepped out only to see crowds of people and fireworks lighting the sky. It was the PanAm Closing Ceremony. The roads were closed and we were unable to get a close look at the Toronto sign. Next time. We did witness the athletes leaving the premises. They were all in city buses escorted by lines of patrol cars. We all waved as they pass. It was a unique experience and I’m thrilled to have witnessed something like that. This was the best way to end our trip!

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