Romania: Halloween Recovery

Romania: Halloween Recovery

I woke up around 10am feeling exhausted. I came to the realization that I am no longer 21 years old. I called my AirBnB host and requested for a late check out. Thankfully, she was sweet and allowed us to check out in the afternoon without an extra charge. PL and I heard how great Brasov was and we wanted to take this time to explore this quaint little town.


Cucinino Pasta Bar

→ Strada Diaconu Coresi 6, Brașov 500025, Romania

I decided to go to introduce PL to Cucinino Pasta Bar. I enjoyed the service there and the location is right next to our flat. I had the same server and he remembered me. I love it when that happens. This time I ordered a tomato base pasta while PL had the spaghetti rolled in roulade cheese.



Self Guided Tour

The best part about Brasov is that all the main attractions are in close proximity to each other. We were able to see everything we wanted to see in 1 hour!





Brasov to Bucharest

Our driver picked us up from Brasov around 3pm. It’s Sunday. Romania has the worst traffic on Sundays and I underestimated it. Our driver told us that it would take us 5.5 hours unless we want to take the backroads. The backroads will take about 3.5 hours but the roads are winding. With little debate, we opted for the backroads. Our driver told us that if it gets too much, that he would drive slow.

30 minutes in and I felt sick to my stomach. I crack open the window and laid down. I cannot believe that the road was winding for 2+ hours. I’ve driven on mountain roads before going down steep roads, but this road was no joke. If I had to choose again, I would still opt to do the backroads.

Where to Stay:

Hilton Garden Inn Bucharest Old Town

→ Strada Doamnei 12, București 030055, Romania

PL and I decided to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Bucharest Old Town for about $92 and is located just around the corner from our previous AirBnB. We wanted to stay in a hotel in case we need to call a hotel to the airport. We were unsure how early uber drivers would be accessible in the city.

The hotel was beautiful. We had an entire wall made of glass that had a view of the city. We did not settle in so much because we wanted to soak in the city one last time before leaving.

We walked around the town looking for souvenirs. PL and I are not big souvenirs shoppers but we both started collecting lapel pins. We have built quit an impressive collection.

After souvenir shopping, we ended our night at a Mediterranean restaurant.


Finikia Lebanese Cuisine

→ Strada Franceză 13, București 030167, Romania

I love Lebanese food but I do not eat it that often. I wanted something outside of our standard pizza.

Finikia was amazing. Everything was full of flavour. We ordered tabuleh, kabobs. I recommend this place if you want a break from standard bar food.


After dinner, we headed back to our hotel to pack and rest for an early start back to the airport.