Euro Road Trip – Day 4: Bovec to Venice

Euro Road Trip – Day 4: Bovec to Venice

It’s our final day of our road trip and we finally got to sleep in a little bit. No wake up call until 9am! Adam was nice enough to wake up early and cook us a delicious potato and egg medley. It was the best meal of our trip! After a good bite, we got ready for our adventure, white water rafting.2018_04_27_07_28_16


Patty and I went white water rafting in Chile and we couldn’t get enough of it. We decided to take Adam on his first rafting trip. We made reservations at Bovec Rafting Team. Bovec Rafting Team have several rafting times throughout the day: 9:30am, 1:00pm, 4:30pm. It was 50 euros a person. They prefer payment in cash but card will do.

We went in May when tourist season isn’t high. Reservations is mandatory. They do not have around the clock full staff. There was a miscommunication with my booking so they had to scramble for a rafting team.

Once everything was resolved, we picked up our wetsuits and shoes and we were on our way.

There was only the 3 of us and our guide. We changed in the car and walked up to the river. Our guide went over some rules with us before we set out.

The river was a lot calmer than in Chile. We only experienced a few splash and Adam even got to steer for a bit.

There was a part during our rafting where we could cliff jump. Adam did 2 jumps…I attempted one but failed. We had to climb slippery rocks and jump from the top. My legs were short and I slipped right in. The water was very cold. Wish I tried a second time but I had too much water up my nose. I did take a sip of the water from the fall and it was perhaps the most delicious water I had. It was cold and refreshing.

The rest of the rafting, we just relaxed and enjoyed the view. It was a great experience and bonus, they offer free photos! Check them out below. Our guide also let us try a local liquor. Yum.




We had lunch at Letni Vrt. It was closed the night before and was thankful that it was open. Our host recommended this place. I ordered the chicken with white sauce. The chicken was good, not so much the white sauce.

Letni Vrt was huge! We sat in the patio and decided to take tour around the restaurant. I could see myself having a gathering here.


  • Driving Back to Venice

It was a straight shot drive to Venice. We thought about stopping by the vineyards in Nova Gorica but we were exhausted. We didn’t want to get into Venice too late.

  • Venice:

We dropped our car back at Venice Airport and took the water public transportation to San Marcos. It was €27 round trip. We were staying by Rialto Bridge. Once we got to our room, we relaxed and decided to grab a quick bite at Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta To Go. Adam grabbed us a bottle of red wine and we headed back to our room to enjoy our pasta and wine.2018_04_28_08_29_01



We later headed back out for some mojitos at Caffe Vero. They have one of the best mojitos ever!2018_04_27_23_24_43

Where to Stay:

We stayed at an apartment by Rialto Bridge. It was difficult to find but a representative was there to escort us to our place. He scanned our passport and we paid €2.50 each for our visit tax. He showed us around the apartment and he was on his way.

Venice can get very hot but thank goodness there was a fan in the living room area. Venice has a lot of mosquito so cover up if possible.