Food Adventure: When in Bruges…You Eat

Food Adventure: When in Bruges…You Eat

I’m strolling past the Lover’s Bridge to a quaint Markt Square in a romantic city of Bruges, Belgium. Markt Square is situated in the epicenter of must taste eateries. I have a monstrous appetite waiting to devouring every savory and sweet cuisine I can squeeze in during my 6 hour adventure in Bruges. I have challenged myself for the Ultimate Belguim Food Challenge including indulging in waffles, chocolate, beer, fries, and tea. Will I be defeated? I think not!

I started off my food adventure with a light lunch. Little did I know, I was stepping into an all you can eat ribs place. I was blinded… it was written in the sign which I regretfully declined to read.


→ Sint-Jakobsstraat 7, Brugge 8000, Belgium • +32 50 49 12 00

I walked into Bones after reviewing several positive reviews on Yelp. “Good food. Great atmosphere. Solid music.” I should have known by the name, “Bones” that it was a spareribs place and I would be expected to scrap meat and lick the BBQ sauce from my fingertips. I ordered the dry-rub ribs with potatoes and coleslaw. The cook sent over 2 slabs of ribs. My eyes widen. “Am I suppose to eat ALL of this?” I took a deep breath and started inhaling my food. “Don’t stop!” I told myself. “I can’t get full yet!” I was down to my last 3 bones before the server asked IF i wanted more. With my face full of seasoning, I turned to the server and laughed. “No, sir. I can barely finish this.” I left the shop, pleased with my first meal…I just wish I could eat more. • €18


Down the street from Bones is a waffle shop that was referred to me.

Lizzies Wafels

→ Sint-Jakobsstraat, Brugge, Belgium 8000 • +32 50 34 87 69

Lizzies Wafels has THE best waffles I’ve ever tasted in my life. Lizzies Wafels is an extra large homemade waffle “coffeeshop” that allows fans to create their ideal dream waffle. With numerous topping to choose from, I had to narrow my choices to fresh cut strawberries and vanilla bean ice cream. For drinks, I had to order the Queen Berry hot tea. I never knew how many teahouses there were in Bruges. The sweet server delivered my tea in an adorable teacup. On the side of my cup were 3 different types of cookies to enjoy with my beverage. Every sip of of my tea brought such joy to my life. How can this be? This was also the best tea I’ve ever tasted. As I sipped my tea and nibbled my cookies, I admire the gentlemen in front of me whipping waffles, pouring chocolate, and cutting fresh fruits with such grace and artistry. With a blink of an eye, the server delivered my gigantic waffle and I began to dive in. The waffles were fluffy. Almost melts with each bite. It wasn’t chewy like the waffles I’ve had in my life. This was like God’s magic. No joke! I would die a happy woman if I could eat this everyday.



Chocolatier Dumon

I took a break from eating to find the best chocolate shop. I found it in Chocolatier Dumon, a 2 story small shop with bright lights. As I stepped through the doors, an older woman approached and asked if I found the shop from the travel extraordinaire, Rick Steves. Excitement grew on my face. You mean THE Rick Steves raved this place? I played if off and told the woman, “Yes, I was recommended by the man himself.” I roamed the 2 story shop and collected 2 goody bags but without a doubt, I could have  snagged a few more.

t’Brugsch Bieratelier

→ Wijngaardstraat 13, Brugge 8000, Belgium • +32 478 33 49 69

The day is almost ending and I have 2 more items to check of: Beer and Frites. I love Belgium beer but my trip is not complete without a beer tasting at t’Brugsche Bieratelier. This bar offers 12 beer tasting for just €32. My stomach is already full to capacity but I couldn’t skip on this. As the bartender poured all 12 beers, i started to underestimate myself. The beers were 6oz each, more than my standard taster size. How am I going to finish all 12? I took sips of all of them and tried my best just to finish my favorites. I couldn’t. The beer won this time.


Only one more item I need to tick off, fries.

Waffles and Sandwiches

→ 8000, Wijngaardstraat 21, 8000 Brugge, Belgium

Belguim has their own fries called “Finnish Fries”. The fries are no different than any other except Belgium offers unique choices of dipping sauce. The most popular one is the andalouse sauce, a yellow-orange creamy based dip. Right across the street from t’Brugsche Bieratelier is a petite restaurant serving waffles, sandwiches, and fries. Their back wall had countless dippings ranging from ketchup, mayonnaise, andalouse, and more. I asked the server to choose the best sauce they offer and he selected the andalouse sauce. The fries were mediocre and the sauce was too overwhelmingly heavy for me. Regardless, I’m glad that I finished my day off with fries. I was able to enjoy the city with  fries in my hands.


In 6 hours I’ve conquered my food quest. I knew I could. I can’t wait for my next food challenge. Where should I go next?