Quick Guide to 3 Days in Switzerland

Quick Guide to 3 Days in Switzerland
I dream of inhaling the crisp fresh air as I hike through the Alps. I see myself sitting on the mountain side devouring milk chocolates, creamy cheeses, and sipping warm refreshments as I admire this gorgeous panoramic landscape. My short visit to Switzerland surpassed my wildest dreams….if only I could stay here forever.

Getting Around:

Switzerland is small in size making it easy to travel from one end to the other end by public transportation. I purchased a 3 day 2nd Class Swiss Travel Pass at the airport for $227. The Swiss Travel Pass covers all transportation in Switzerland including trams, bus, boat, and many local transportation. There are 2 classes on the trams, 1st and 2nd class. The classes can be distinguished on the outside of each tram cart.
*If you choose to rent a car, please note that you will not be able to drive up to the Alps. You will need to pay for a cable-car or a tram to the top.


Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world but worth every penny.
Current Exchange Rate (Aug 2017):
$1 AUS Dollar = $0.77 Swiss Francs
$1USD = $0.97 Swiss Francs
€1 = $1.15 Swiss Francs
£1 – $1.27 Swiss Francs
¥1 – $0088 Swiss Francs

What to Eat:

Switzerland is known for their cheese fondues and their milky chocolate. You can find them all over Switzerland and you won’t be disappointed. Another bonus, Switzerland borders 5 countries: Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Italy, Germany and draws food influences from these regions.

Where To Stay:

I stayed in an Airbnb just outside of main Zurich, about 18 minutes by train in a city called Horgen. I rented a private studio apartment from a wonderful host. The studio included a small kitchenette, a petite bathroom, and a comfortable size bed. For 3 nights, I spent $275, a reasonable price for Switzerland.


Day 1: August 22nd [Purple]
  1. Arrive in Zurich. Take the train to Horgen.
  2. Hike Rheinfall – the largest waterfall in Europe.
Day 2: August 23rd [Orange]
  1. Mt. Rigi
    • Took the train to Mt. Rigi than hiked down to one of train stops to Luzern.
  2. Luzern
    • Took a boat to Luzern from Mt. Rigi
    • Explored shops in central Luzern
    • Chapel Bridge
Day 3: August 24th [Teal]
  1. Zürich
    • shopping downtown Zürich
  2. Horgen
    • bar hopping

Cost breakdown for 2 people for 4 days:

  • Transportation: $454
  • Hotel for 3 nights: $275
  • Food for 3ish people: $440