Quick Guide to 4 Days in Bali, Indonesia

Quick Guide to 4 Days in Bali, Indonesia

Getting Around:

I didn’t do much research for my trip to Bali. Life kinda got in the way so I left my planning to my driver, Wayan. He drove us around for 2 full days and charged us IDK 1,200,000 or $84USD for the 2 days. The other days, we walked around the busy city of Ubud.

We spent most of our time in Ubud and the traffic is ridiculous. Driving around gave me anxiety due to the lack of traffic lights, no lanes, and countless cars and motor bikes weaving in and out. If you’re not use to the traffic, hire yourself a driver. There are taxis and motor bikes for hire in every corner in Ubud.

Bali also has an Uber-like service called Grab or Go-Jek. These apps are different than Uber in the sense that you get to bargain with your driver. I find that Grab and Go-Jek are not as reliable as Uber but if you have patience and time, Grab and Go-Jek may be another great option for you.


Balinese and Indonesian are the primary languages in Bali but English can be heard though all the touristy areas.

Common phrases:

  • Thank you – Terima Kasih
  • You’re welcome – Sama- Sama
  • How are you? – Apa Kabar?

What To Eat:

Noodles and fried rice can be found all over the country and are serve for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I found the food to be a tad spicy so be careful if you’re not used to hot foods.


$1 = IDR 14,165

€1 = IDR 15,499

£1 = IDR 17,410

¥1 = IDR 131


I booked 4 nights at Puri Anyar Heritage. The hotel is located in the heart of Ubud. This hotel is only IDR 368,281 (or $26USD) a night and is a mini escape from the bustling city of Bali. The deluxe room includes daily breakfast served on your front porch. Your breakfast options includes a traditional Indonesian breakfast (fried noodles, fruits, juice) or a westernized breakfast (eggs, fruits, juice). My only complaint about this place is that there are no shelves in the bathroom to store your toiletries but other than that, I would recommend staying here.


Day 1: 10 August 2018


  • Arrive in Bali, Depensar to Bali – $300,000

Where to Eat:

  • D: Tropical Seafood & Grill – 551,760

Day 2: 11 August 2018


  • Barong & Kris Dane: Traditional Balinese Dance- 100,000
  • Butuan Temple – 10,000
  • Jambe Asri: Swing and Luwak Coffee – 297,250 ($20) + 125,000 swing
  • Tagallalang – Donations
  • Waterfall Tegenungan Village – 15,000
  • Yeh Pulu Spa – 120,000

Where to Eat:

  • L: Batur Sari Restaurant – 225,000
  • D: Mumbul

Day 3: 12 August 2018


Where to Eat:

  • L: Viky Warung & Bar

Day 4: 13 August 2018


  • Yeh Pulu Spa – 175,000
  • Shopping – 1,200,000
  • Monkey Forest (Closed)

Where to Eat:

  • L: Nomad – 103,075

Cost breakdown for 2 people for 4 days (approximate):

  • Hotel for 5 days: IDR 1,784,748
  • Transportation from Bali Airport to Hotel Round Trip: IDR 600,000
  • Transportation/Guide: IDR 1,200,000
  • Guide Tip: IDR 240,000
  • Excursion: IDR 4,000,000
  • Food for 2 people: IDR 1,500,000
  • Drinks for 2: Included with meals. Drinks are expensive in Bali. Had about one or two drinks per meal.
  • Other Expenses: IDR1,200,000

Estimated spent for 2 people: 10,524,748 = $743.03

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