3 Days in Nice, France

3 Days in Nice, France

If anyone knows me, I do not know how to relax. Somehow, I found myself in Nice trying to lay out on the beach. This is how I spent a couple of days in Nice, trying to relax.


Must Know Before You Go

When to Visit: The best time to travel is during the Summer shoulder months (April-May, September – October) when there is pleasant weather and fewer crowds. The busiest time is June – August and the weather is sweltering. 

Visas: US citizens do not need a visa for visits under 90 days.

Language: French. Many people in Paris speak English but it is important not to expect that everyone speaks English. Locals appreciate it when tourists attempt to speak French.

Currency: Euro. Below is the exchange rate as of December 2023.

  • $1 USD = €0.93 EUR
  • $1 AUS = €0.61 EUR
  • £1 GBP = €1.17 EUR
  • ¥100 JPY = €0.64 EUR

Credit Card vs. Cash: Credit cards can be used in most establishments. 

ATMs: ATMs can be easily found in France. 

Tipping: France does not have a tipping culture. Tipping is not expected in restaurants, taxis, or hotels. 

UNESCO World Heritage Site: France has 52 UNESCO sites. This includes the palace of Versailles, cathedral of Norte-Dame, and the historic site of Lyon. An extensive list can be found here

National Parks: calanques, Vevennes, Ecrines, Forests, Guadeloupe, Guiana Amazonian, Mercantour, Port-Cros, Pyrenees, Reunion, Vanoise


Getting Around:

Public transportation is great in Nice, however, if you are near the city center, you can walk everywhere. 

Metros/Buses are great ways to travel to nearby cities such as Eze, Cannes, and Monte Carlo. Getting there is affordable and can get you there in under an hour. 

Where to Stay:

We stayed in a studio AirBnB in the heart of Nice. A room in Nice is rather expensive. We paid $155 a night here and our room was tiny. Despite that, we love the location of the property. 


Day Date To Do To Eat
1 May 29, 2022

1. Shopping at the Cours Saleya outdoor market

Lunch: Bistrot De L Opera

  • Ordered Margarita Pizza (13,50)

Snack: Louise

  • Gelato shop
2 May 30, 2022

1. Monte Carlo, Monaco

  • Visit the Monte Carlo Casino
  • Walked the boardwalk

2. Explored Promenade des Anglais and Place Massena

Snack in Monaco: Casa del Caffe

Dinner in Nice: Di Piu Restaurant Promenadee

  • Sit outside for a wonderful view of the sea.
  • Ordered: oven-baked rigatoni, tortellini, profiteroles, and glasses of red wine.  
3 May 31, 2022

1. Relax at the beach

  • The beaches are full of rocks. People lay on padded towels here. 

2. Chateau de Bellet

  • Winery: Tour + 4 wine tasting $20
  • The winery is beautiful and the place is relaxing. It is located about 20 minutes via car or 1.5 hours on a bus.
  • Difficult to get to. Took an uber for €17 but no ubers on return. 3 Ubers canceled. Winery called a taxi for us. Taxi was €30. No direct bus stop. Bus stop is quite a distance from the winery. 

3. The Church of Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur

  • It was late and surprised that church was still open. 
  • beautiful interior. 

Lunch in Nice: La Voglia

  • This was my favorite place in Nice. 
  • Ordered Rigatoni baked in meat sauce, and cappuccino. 

Dinner: Mother India

  • Delicious Indian food.
  • Ordered: Chicken tikka marsala

Snack: Fenocchio

  • Sells gelato. This place was recommended to us by our AirBnB host. The lines were long and wrapped around the square. 

Bar: Ma Nolans

  • Irish pub


Day 1: May 29, 2022

Morning: Arrive in NCE Airport

Arrived in Nice, France. We took a 20-minute Uber ride to our accommodations for $17.

Afternoon: Explore Downtown Nice

Stroll the Cours Saleya outdoor market.



Lunch: Bistrot De L Opera

I ordered the margarita pizza (13,50) with a glass of wine. 

Snack: Louise

After lunch, we decided to get gelato to cool us off from a very warm day. It was not the best gelato but did the job.



Day 2: May 30, 2022

Morning: Monte Carlo, Monaco

We took the train to Monte Carlo, Monaco. It takes about 35 minutes and about costs €4. While here, we visited the Monte Carlo Casino. You will need your passport to enter inside. We also walked along the boardwalk. Monte Carlo was not my scene so we decided to head back to Nice. But first, we wanted to get a light bite. 


 nice   nice


Snack: Casa del Caffe

On our way back to the train, we stumbled upon a cafe. We ordered coffee and wine but they offered complimentary bread. 


Afternoon: Promenade des Anglais and Place Massena

We took the train back and stopped before our exit. We explored the Promenade des Anglais and Place Massena. We listened to street performers and ran around taking photos. 


Dinner: Di Piu Restaurant Promenade

For dinner, we went to Di Piu Restaurant Promenade and sat outside on the patio. It was a nice night and we could see the sea from our seats. We ordered the oven-baked rigatoni, tortellini, profiteroles, and glasses of red wine. Everything was delightful but not my favorite place. 



Day 3: May 31, 2022

Morning: Beach Day

I woke up early to enjoy the beach. The beaches in Nice are full of rocks. Many people lay on padded towels here. 

nice   nice

Lunch: La Voglia

I did not know that my rigatoni could taste like this. I ordered rigatoni baked in meat sauce. I love the dish that I ate every single bite. This was my favorite place in Nice. We finished our meal with warm cappuccinos. 


Afternoon: Chateau de Bellet

We love going to wineries. We read wonderful things about the Chateau de Bellet so decided to check it out. It is $20 for a tour of the vineyard and a 4-glass wine tasting. We enjoyed our wines so we had to order a couple of bottles. The winery is beautiful and a great escape from the city. It is located about 20 minutes via car or 1.5 hours on a bus. It is a little bit difficult to get here. We took an Uber for €17 but no Uber on the return. 3 Ubers canceled on us that we asked the winery to call us a taxi. It was €30 for our taxi. We considered taking public transit but there are no direct buses and the stop is quite a distance. Would I come here again, probably. There are other wineries on our drive back to the city. 

It should be noted that cellular service is patchy here. Only one of our phones worked.



nice   nice

Dinner: Mother India

For dinner, I had Indian food. I enjoy having a variety of cuisine so I had to get something different than Italian. The chicken tikka masala was delicious. I was surprised considering we are in a touristy city but the meal felt authentic. 


Evening: The Church of Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur

The Church of Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur is a beautiful church that had its doors open late. We had to check out the interior. 

Snack: Fenocchio

Outside of the church is Genoccho Gelato. This place was recommended to us by our AirBnB host. The lines were long and wrapped around the square. It had to be good. It was better than Louise and had unique flavors. 

nice   nice

Bar: Ma Nolans

Before we ended our night, we had to get drinks at an Irish pub. I had an Irish Mule while my friend had a beer. Now, we are ready for Budapest!