One Week in Washington – Family Edition

One Week in Washington – Family Edition

I recently started a family trip tradition in my family in which we visit a new state/city every other year. Our first trip was to Las Vegas for my father’s birthday. This year, we spent a beautiful week in Washington over the July 4th weekend. My parents are getting older and I think it’ll be a great opportunity to show my family around our majestic country while spending quality time with family from around the nation. 

Getting Around:

If you intend on traveling throughout Washington during your stay, renting a car is necessary. I rented a medium-size SUV (7 seater) with Hertz for $1300 for 6 days. There was a car shortage in several cities throughout the nation that caused prices to skyrocket. If you read my previous Seattle blog from my trip in 2018, I rented a vehicle for $65 for two nights. 

To get to the car rental facility at Sea-Tac Airport, follow the signs to the ground level to the car rental shuttle. The car rental shuttle is for all airport car rental companies. Upon arrival, head to your designated rental desk. I rented with Hertz and am a Gold member. If you are a Gold member, proceed to the 4th level of the parking structure to retrieve your vehicle without checking in with the representative. Your name will be on a billboard just outside of the Hertz office with a number indicating your car location. The keys are in the vehicle and you can exit the lot. You will need to provide the parking clerk with your license to verify your car. The pick-up was quick and painless. 

To return your vehicle, follow the signs to the car return. You will need to take the shuttle to your designated airline. There are two shuttles, the north airport shuttle, and the south airport shuttle. There are signs to help guide you to the right shuttle. 

Where to Stay:

I stayed in a beautiful Airbnb in Northern Seattle that included five bedrooms, two bathrooms, two kitchens, two patios, a hot tube, a sauna, and a view of Bitter Lake that sleeps my entire family of 12. My lodging was on the higher end due to the holiday weekend. Lodging costs approximately $3300 for 6 days. I booked my accommodations about four months out which worked in my favor. If I reserved my room a month prior, the rate would more than double in price for the exact same property. 


Itinerary: July 2-7, 2021

Click on dates for the full Itinerary of each day.

DAY 1: July 2nd 


  • Arrive in Sea-Tac Airport
  • Check in to AirBnB

DAY 2: July 3rd 


    • Entrance Fee: Free
    • Explored Lake Baker

DAY 3: July 4th 


→ 85 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101

DAY 4: July 5th 


  • Mt. Rainier 
    • Entrance Fee: $30 for a private vehicle

DAY 5: July 6th 


  • North Cascades National Park
    • Entrance Fee: Free
    • Explored Diablo Lake

DAY 6: July 7th 


6501 State Hwy 202, Snoqualmie, WA 98065

Cost breakdown:

→ 6 days for a family of 14 without airfare:

  • Car Rental: $1600
  • Gas: $110
  • Lodging: $3300
  • Food: ~$1500
  • Activities: $30

Estimated spent: $6,540