Guide: 4 Days Road Trip through Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia

Guide: 4 Days Road Trip through Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia

There are so many ways to get around Europe. Out of all the ways possible, my friends and I decided to attempt our very first Europe road trip around Slovenia and dipping into parts of Italy and Croatia.


I did some research and mapped out where I wanted to go and how long it would take according to Google. (Of course it took longer than expected). I also researched the rules of the road and watched YouTube videos to prepare for the driving from Venice into Slovenia and Croatia. I visited an AAA office to register for an International Driving Permit. I was ready for this road trip.

Crossing Borders:

It is important to read up on crossing borders when driving. It is possible to cross between Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia as long as you have a valid passport. A border representative will check your passport before granting you entry.

Renting a Car:

I rented a vehicle through Hertz because I knew they were a reliable car rental company. For 4 days, the vehicle was approximately €200. We rented the vehicle the last minute so the price was a bit steep. We also included full insurance on our vehicle incase of any accidentals for €50/day. We highly recommend it because we saw several motorist hitting walls as soon as they left their parking spot.

We rented an SUV…actually a mini SUV but they upgraded us to a larger vehicle because we had 3 carry on sized bags and 3 backpacks. There isn’t a lot of trunk space in European cars. I would recommend sticking to a small vehicles when possible because roads can be narrow.

Getting to the Rental Counter from VCE Airport:

We rented the vehicle at Venice Marco Polo International Airport. Getting to the rental counter is a mission to get to from the arrival terminal. It is towards the water public transportation dock. Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor to get to the counter. All car rental companies are located here including Enterprise, Europa, and Sixt. Once you arrive, take a number and wait to get called.

Where to Stay:

We stayed at AirBnBs throughout our road trip. We booked our rooms either the day before or the morning of. There are certain destination, like in Bovec that we recommend booking in advance. The city is small so not many room options. I however, wish I didn’t book my hotel in Plitvice in advance because the drive was too dark and dangerous. Plitvice is a popular area so there are ample of rooms. Plan the time of your arrival.

What to Eat:

Slovenia doesn’t have a lot of restaurants. The country receives tourism about one month out of the year. We spent most of our road trip eating at various gas station. Not very luxurious but we are thankful for them. 


DAY 1: APRIL 24, 2018 [PURPLE]


  1. Leave Venice
  2. Predjama Castle [drive time: 4 hours] – €35,70
  3. Postojna Cave [20 mins]
  4. Drive to Plitvice [5 hours]

Where to Eat:

  • Lunch: Ronchis, Italy InfoPoint
  • Restavracija Briljant: Ice Cream – €1,90
  • Dinner: Restoran Plitvicka Kuca – kn 99.67 = €13,52

Where to Stay in Plitvice:

We booked a 1 bedroom, foldout bed, and 1 bathroom for 82.78 at Art Apartment. The apartment is just a 10-15 minute walk to Entrance 2. There was plenty of free parking.

DAY 2: APRIL 25, 2018 [GREEN]


  1. Plitvice National Park – kr 150 = €20,35
  2. Zagreb [2 hours]
  3. Ljubijana [2 hours]
    1. Ljubijana Castle – €10

Where to Eat:

Where to Stay in Ljubliana:

We stayed in an AirBnB in downtown for $87.68. Street parking is free from 7pm to 7am. Keep in mind that it was difficult to find parking but keep driving around.

DAY 3: APRIL 26, 2018 [BLUE]


  1. Lake Bled [45 mins]
    1. Bled Castle – €11
  2. Vintgar Gorge [15 mins] currently under construction
  3. Lake Bohinj [45 mins]
  4. Bovec [3 hours]

Where to Eat:

Where to Drink:

Where to Stay in Bovec:

It was difficult to find a room in Bovec at the last minute. We were lucky that a few people cancelled. We wind up booking a house for $105.84. The house was huge and the host was very helpful.

DAY 4: APRIL 27, 2018 [ORANGE]


  1. Bovec
    1. Bovec Rafting Team – €50
  2. Drive back to Venice [3.5 hours]
  3. Take the ferry from VCE to Venice – €27

Where to Eat:

Where to Drink:

  • Caffe Vero – 3,50

Where to Stay in Venice:

It can be quite expensive booking a last minute stay in Venice. I decided to book a room at Rialto Apartments for $135.82.

Cost breakdown for 4 days:

  • Transportation: €533 split 3 ways
  • Other Transportation: €27
  • Gas: €80 27
  • Hotels for 4 days split 3 ways: $412.12 = €355.23
  • Food: €130
  • Drinks: €15
  • Activities: €127
  • Vignette Pass: €15 split 3 ways
  • Tolls: €25 split 3 ways

Estimated spent: €635.08 per person = $736.80