Roatan: Must See’s, Do’s, and Eats

Roatan: Must See’s, Do’s, and Eats

Roatan is a beautiful island off the coast of Honduras tailored to expats. Roatan is a snorkeling paradise with its crystal clear waters and colorful crustaceans. My team and I traveled here for the long weekend to enjoy a relaxing getaway. We did not do much but lounge around the pool and spend hours getting massages. 


1. Pool

We stayed on the west end in Roatan. Here, most of the hotels have their own private pool. To access, the hotel handed wristbands and only allowed guests to occupy the pool. We ran into this problem as half of us were staying in the same hotel and the other half were in an adjacent hotel. The hotel gave us a hard time stating that they were not guests. Considering that all of us had single rooms, we could have easily just indicated we had 2 occupants per room. We thought our treatment in this 4-star hotel was ridiculous. But despite that, the bartender treated us well and allowed us to hang out at the pool. 


2. Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort

The Infinity Bay Spa was amazing. We arrived there about an hour early to enjoy the amenities. There were several jacuzzis and plunge pools set at different temperatures. There was also a refreshment table with light snacks of fruits and nuts and infused water. My girls and I ordered a few bottles of champagne. The massages were great and I wish it was longer. The spa was pricey but we enjoyed the relaxation. 

honduras  honduras

3. Snorkeling 

On the beach, there are several excursion booths selling packages for snorkeling, scuba diving, and more. We just walked up to the booth, asked for a tour, and within minutes, we were on a boat to go snorkeling. Our package was 25/pp for 2 hours and included a boat ride, manglares, snorkeling, and visiting the dolphin’s sanctuary. Other things that you can do here include jetskiing, parasailing, flyboarding, canopying, and chocolate tours. 


Where to Eat

Lunch: Sea Cat

The first place we ate at was at Sea Cat. It is a waterfront restaurant. I ordered the carne asada tacos for $19 and it was surprisingly delicious. To accompany my meal, I ordered the Tommy’s margarita which is a jalapeno and watermelon cocktail for $14. 



Dinner: Paradise Beach Hotel

I visited a friend’s hotel and enjoyed dinner there. The Paradise Beach Hotel has a large selection of food and has a wonderful fire show for its guests. I personally thought the food was mediocre but my friends enjoyed their ceviche.