Washington (Family Edition) – Mount Rainier

Washington (Family Edition) – Mount Rainier

It is the day after Independence Day and I wanted to take my family up to Mount Rainier. The drive was about 2.5 hrs from where we were staying. The drive was gorgeous. The wait to enter Mount Rainier wasn’t terrible since we got there early enough. We paid $30 for our entrance fee. My parents cannot walk well so we spent most of our day driving around and casually strolling to snap a few photos. 

We stopped at Narada Falls. Going downhill toward the waterfall was an easy stroll; however, the water made the steps muddy and slippery. I found myself trying to find any patch of dry spot to step on. After Narada, we made our way to paradise. The last time I blogged about Paradise (here), the entire mountain was covered in snow. It was early July now and the wildflowers are blooming. It was interesting to see the contrast between the snow and the wildflowers. 

After enjoying Rainier for about 5 ish hours, we headed back to our Airbnb for a family meal.