A Day in Casablanca

A Day in Casablanca

My Morocco trip is sadly coming to an end. From Chefchaouen, we made our way to Casablanca. It was a long but beautiful scenic drive.


1. Rabat Beach

Morocco is filled with all sorts of landscapes from majestic deserts to mountain ranges, to lovely beaches. After a few hours of driving, we decided to pull over and soak a little bit of sun. 



2. Hassan II Mosque

You cannot go to Casablanca without visiting Hassan II Mosque. The mosque is massive and stretches into the ocean. Hassan II Mosque is one of few mosques that are open to Non-Muslims outside of prayer times. Guided tours are conducted on Saturday-Thursdays at 9am, 10am, 11am, and 2pm. 

Cost: 120dhr | Time: 45 mins (inside), 1 hr (outside)


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Where to Eat:

Breakfast: Dar Elrio

My hotel, Dar Elrio serves complimentary breakfast in their upstairs dining area. The food was great but the view was even better. Ali said that his breakfast of choice was cheese with eggs and olive oil on bread. I had to make sure to have that before leaving. It was perfect because my breakfast came with eggs, veggies, and assorted bread. 



Dinner: Lily’s

On our last night in Morocco, we decided to dine at a fancy restaurant and treat our driver out for showing us a fantastic time. Lily’s is a Thai-inspired restaurant located right on the beach. We ordered hand spring rolls, pad thai, crying tiger, and the best dessert. The food was absolutely amazing and I could not think of a better way to end our stay. 




Bars: Le Bir

It was getting late but we were not ready for the night to end. We decided to head upstairs to the 7th floor for the rooftop bar. The ambiance was everything. The music was great, the drinks were tasty, and the appetizers hit the spot. We only wished that we were here earlier to enjoy the view from the top. 




Where to Stay:

Adagio Casablanca City Center

279 Bd Bir Anzarane, Casablanca 20250, Morocco | Cost: €70

Adagio was affordable and provides a modern spin. The room was spacious offering a mini kitchen area, great lighting in the bathroom, and a view of the city.