Quick Guide to 7 Days in Morocco

Quick Guide to 7 Days in Morocco

Morocco is an incredible country filled with culture, friendly locals, and amazing landscapes. It is shocking to think that just a month ago, Morocco never really crossed my mind. After a series of unfortunate events, I was left with decided on a new travel destination just 2 weeks prior to my trip. After Googling for fascinating destinations, I stumbled upon several advertisements regarding the reopening of Morocco. Morocco had been closed for four whole months due to Covid and is finally reopening its doors to foreigners! 

My knowledge of Morocco is very limited. I know that my supervisor is from there and when I asked for his thoughts on the country, he was legitimately concerned for my safety. I was told that people are friendly but you have to have your guard up. I read about people stealing from tourists in the medina and how unsafe it could be for women. I was alarmed about going to Morocco and thought of the worst. I am here to share that everything I read and was told was far from what I had experienced. Morocco knows hospitality and goes above and beyond any country that I have visited. I am thrilled to share my one-week experience with you. Like any country, you have to be aware of your surrounding but I realized that you should never believe everything you read. You just have to experience it yourself. Do not let the bad reviews prevent you from experiencing the world. 

When to Visit:

We visited Morocco the second week of March. The weather was unusual when we arrived. The country expected rain and snow the entire week. The country has not experienced that kind of weather in quite some time. Generally speaking, the best time to travel to Morocco is between mid-March to June and again from September to early November. The weather in July and August is extremely hot and can be upward of 120F/50C+ degrees.

Not only do you have to be concerned about the weather, you also have to consider Ramadan. The majority of Moroccans observe the Islamic holy month known as Ramadan. In 2022, Ramadan will occur from April 2nd to May 1st. During this month, many Islamics will not eat or drink (including water) from dawn to sunset. The date of Ramadan changes every year. It will be celebrated about 1.5 weeks from the date of the previous year. For example, Ramadan in 2023 will be observed from March 22, 2023 to April 20, 2023. During this month, many restaurants may be closed. 

Getting Around:

It is difficult to get around Morrocco without a vehicle. If you intend on leaving the main attractions, you will need reliable transportation. While you may rent a car and drive around, I find tours or a driver to be the most viable option especially if you want to trek the Sahara desert. Also, there are tons of checkpoints around Morocco where officials are waiting to pull you over. There are border controls when you cross into a new major city, police officers within those cities, and random military control points throughout the country. Officers can pull you over for just about anything and if you do not want a ticket, bribing is common. 

This is the reason why I recommend a tour or a private driver. I hired a private driver for six days to experience the main highlights of Morocco. My driver was phenomenal. Perhaps the best I have ever hired. Morocco is very difficult to drive through especially around the mountains, deserts, and main cities. I cannot stress enough that you should not attempt to drive in Morocco yourself. 


Morocco is known for its souks (markets) within plazas known as Medinas. We went to two souks in Morocco: one in Marrakesh and another in Fes. We read that people often get lost in the medina but we did not think it was that horrible until we experienced it. We relied on our Google Maps to get around and let me tell you, it does not work. Here are some tips to guide you.

  • At night, passageways are closed. Google maps is useless because it does not acknowledge this
  • A local told us to only go to the Medina between sunrise and sunset. Never stay there after dark. I wish I knew this before I got lost in the Medina for two hours.
  • There are many people standing around trying to hassle you. If you need help, go into a store and ask for help. One of the workers told us that there is only one exit when the Medina is closed. 
  • We were advised to use Maps.me app (green suitcase icon) to navigate around Medina
  • It is recommended to find a guide in the Fes Medina. A tour guide is on a set agenda and may not go where you want to go but you will not get lost. 
  • Drivers cannot guide you in the Medina in Fes. They will be fined.

Taking Photographs:

To prevent being charged, it is customary to ask locals and store clerks if you are going to take pictures of people or shops. If you do not, they will expect you to pay for the photographs. You may take images of scenery without permission but no closeups. 

What To Eat:

Food in Morocco is fairly cheap if you eat where the locals eat. If you go to a touristy spot, you will be paying a lot more. Some of the locations that we traveled to had set menus and/or multiple course meals. It is best to look at the menu if you do not want to experience a five-course meal. Below are some recommended food items that you should try while in Morocco. 

  • tajine: slow-cooked savory stew with a blend of meats, veggies, and spices. 
  • pastilla: Morocco pie similar to Chicken pot pie but instead wrapped in phyllo paper. 
  • couscous: a dish cooked with veggies, raisins, and spices. Typically tastes better home-cooked than at a restaurant (based on what my driver said).
  • kebobs: meat on a skewer
  • notable mentions: bread, dates, fresh fruits, almond butter


Morocco’s currency is called the dirham or MAD. Usually, you cannot get MAD anywhere outside of Morocco. The country also takes the Euro and many places actually prefer Euros. 

Exchange rate from March 2022. 

  • $1USD=9.72MAD
  • $1CAN=7.77MAD
  • $1AUS=7.29MAD
  • €1=10.74MAD
  • £1=12.75MAD
  • ¥1=0.08MAD


You cannot go to Morocco without staying in a Riad. Riads are traditional Moroccan Hotels with a beautiful courtyard in the lobby. Typically it has a nice garden and sometimes a pool. What I wish I knew is that there is a difference between Dar and Riad. Dar has a beautiful courtyard but does not have a garden and pool that many Riads would have. Also, we had issues getting our heater to work in the majority of our rooms. Our driver informed us that most hotels do not have heaters but instead offer layers of blankets


Day 1: March 13, 2022 [Red]


  1. Arrive at RAK (Marrakesh) airport
  2. Check in to Riad
  3. Kutubiyya Mosque
  4. Explore Medina – outdoor market

Where to Eat:

Dinner in Marrakesh: Le Salama – 640mad

40 Rue des Banques, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

  • Skybar Moroccan Restaurant; multiple floors. Go to the top floor for a panoramic view of the city 
    • Food: beef kabob (200mad), mini margarita pizza (60mad), mini veggie tajine (50mad) 
    • Drinks: bottled water (50mad), framboise mojito (130mad), rossini (150mad)

Where to Stay in Marrakesh:

Riad Luciano Hotel and Spa – €95

Dar El Bacha, Route sidi Abdelaziz, derb tizougarine 69, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

  • Highly recommended. Includes breakfast. Friendly staff. Great location. 

Day 2: March 14, 2022 [Orange]


  1. Ait Benhaddou – UNESCO site
  2. Atlas Studios
  3. Valley of the Roses
  4. Dades Gorge

Where to Eat:

Lunch: Le Pecheur  

  • Food: Veggie pizza, chicken kabob plate
  • Drinks: Coca Cola, water

Dinner in Dades: Hotel restaurant 

  • Food: 2 5-course fixed meals (490mad)
  • Drinks: reserve bottled wine (270mad)

Where to Stay in Dades Gorge:

Auberge Chez Pierre – €78.40

→ Gorges Du Dades, Douar Aït Ouffi, Boumalne Dades, 45150, Morocco

  • French-owned. Free Breakfast. Beautiful views of the Atlas Mountains.

Day 3: March 15, 2022 [Yellow]


  1. Todra Gorge 
  2. Deserted Kasbahs
  3. Scarves shopping and Henna tattoo
  4. Camel trek in Merzouga

Where to Eat:

Lunch: takeaway Roasted Chicken plate

Dinner: at the campsite: 

  • meals included with reservation. 4-course meal

Where to Stay in Merzouga:

Orient Luxury Desert Camp – $65 

629W+JF4, Merzouga, Morocco

  •  Luxury camper tent. Free Breakfast. 

Day 4: March 16, 2022 [Green]


  1. 8 hr drive with stops
    1. Ifran (Swiss village)
    2. Monkey village

Where to Eat:

Lunch: New Perla

→ Hassan 2 Route errachidia، Midelt 54350, Morocco

  • Local spot. affordable food and delicious. large portions. took the rest home to eat for dinner. Tacos are paninis.
    • Food: Arabic Taco (40mad), Veggie Taco (25mad) 
    • Drinks: Mix Juice (15mad), Tea (10mad)

Where to Stay in Fes:

Dar Victoria – $62.71 (2 days)

31 Rue Makhfia Quartier Bourajoue, Fès 30200, Morocco

Day 5: March 17, 2022 [Blue]


  1. Fes Tour – $40
    • difficult to maneuver around Fes without getting lost. Tour guides may be necessary.
  2. Royal Medina Spa – 700mad

20 Rue Kattanine، Fes 30200, Morocco 

    • Turkish baths. terrible massage.
      • bath (250mad), 1 hr relaxation massage (450mad)

Where to Eat:

Dinner in Fes: Capitale Du Poulet 

→ 58 Rue 3, Fes, Morocco

  • Affordable chicken restaurant.
    • Food: 1/4 chicken plate (25mad), saute veggie panini (25mad), cheese rolls (30mad)
    • Drinks: 2 fruit juice (30mad)

Day 6: March 18, 2022 [Purple]


  1. Volubilis – 70mad
    • UNESCO Roman archaeological site 
  2. Chefsueroun: Blue city

Where to Eat:

Dinner in Chefsueroun: Casa Hassan

22 Rue Targui, Chefchaouen 91004, Morocco

  • Food: starter, main dish, dessert (95mad)

Where to Stay in Chefseroun:

Dar Elrio – €84.65

→ Avenue Sidi Ahmed Elouafi Sebanin 23, Chefchaouen 91000, Morocco

Day 7: March 19, 2022 [Grey]


  1. Rabat beaches
  2. Hassan II Mosque – 130mad
    • The mosque that is partly on the shore

Where to Eat:

Dinner in Casablanca: Lily’s

Where to Stay in Casablanca:

Adagio Casablanca City Center – €70

Cost breakdown for 2 people for 7 days:

  • Transportation from RAK to Marrakesh: $20
  • Private Driver: €870 or $960.66
  • Guide Tip: $100
  • Hotel for 7 days: €573.47 or $633.23
  • Food for 2 people: 1945mad + lily, bar
  • Activities: $40 +1800mad or $225
  • Transportation from Casablanca to airport: $33

Estimated spent for 2 people: $1972 + food

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