Explore Walensee, Switzerland

Explore Walensee, Switzerland

It was another rainy day in Zurich. It is so odd to see how dark and depressing the weather turned since my last visit four years ago. I had visited Zurich the same time in 2017 but it was hot and humid. My friend had informed me that it had been raining for about four months straight now. I cannot fathom that since its quite the opposite back at home. Weather like this makes me want to curl up in a ball watching corny rom-coms. I fought ever urge to force myself to explore today and dragged my poor friends who were okay with doing nothing. 


La Taqueria

Our first stop of the day was lunch in downtown Zurich. Switzerland has this thing where many restaurants are only open between 11am to 2pm and again from 5pm to 10pm (food serving at 7pm). With all the traveling that we were planning on doing that day, we had to make time for lunch.

We stopped by a cute taqueria that had an authentic feel. They had all the great fixens including tacos, micheladas, and chips and guac. They also have vegetarian options too. The food exceeded my expectations. I was suprised. I ordered tacos for CHF 6.90 each and ordered nachos (that were essentially chips and guac) for CHF 14.90



After lunch we headed to Walensee, a lake located about an hour and a half south east of Zurich. From Zurich HB, we took SBB S25 towards Linthal exit Ziegelbrücke. From there, we took bus 650 to get and got off at Weesen. The ride was beautiful. We rode along the lake and watched the rain splash the windows. From the bus, we spent a couple of hours strolling around the lake before heading back into the city for dinner. 







Five Spice Thai Restaurant

I don’t know what it is but I always crave Thai food during my travels. My friend and I had the best Thai food the last time we were in Switzerland but we could not locate the place. We settle for second best. I came across this restaurant called Five Spice Thai Restaurant. I believe that there are two locations in Zurich. Upon arrival, the server sat us down and had us fill out a contact tracing form to keep track of any COVID exposure. My friend and I had a nice meal and a delicious drink. I ordered the chicken pad thai for CHF 23.50 and my friend had the chop suey. We both had the Sawadee thailand drinks for CHF 9.00 each