Hello Zurich

Hello Zurich

The last day of any trip, I like to take it easy and stroll around in downtown. Today, we did a little shopping, eating, and sightseeing. 


Thali House Indian Restaurant

For lunch, I was craving Indian food so we tried Thali House Indian Restaurant. They had a lunch special which included chicken thali, yogurt, cauliflower with potatos, lentil, and rice for CHF 20





We did some shopping in Zurich so we did not take any photos exploring the center. What were we thinking not taking any photos. We were just trying to live in the moment. 


La Piazzeta at Hotel St. Gotthard

For dinner, we stopped by an outdoor area that was serving pizza. I love eating pizza when i’m in europe. It was the icing on the cake. We ordered a margarita pizza for CHF 20 and I had my first Aperol Spritz for CHF 16.50. I hate Aperol Spritz. 




Jules Verne Panorama Bar

We heard great things about Jules Verne Panorama Bar. The bar is located inside a restaurant and reservations is encouraged. We arrived in the early evening so the restaurant was not packed yet. The restaurant phone the bar to see if they were able to take walk ins. They were able to accomodate us despite of the limited seating. We took the elevator up to the top and our waiter was at the door ready to escort us to our seats. It was like a one man show. Our server was fantastic. He made our drinks with love and was attentive to each table. We ordered a couple of drinks including the Phileas Fogg for CHF 18.

The bar has a splinded view of Zurich and it was even better during sunset. As it got later, we decided to continue on to our next bar but only find outselves being turned away due to full capacity or closed for the night. We wished we remained at the panorama bar until the end of the night. We were not ready to go home but that is what happens when we are living during the pandemic. We were just blessed to get away for a few days and pretend that life was normal.