Off to Chillion Castle

Off to Chillion Castle

Visited: AUGUST 31, 2021 

Who does not want to visit the castle behind the little mermaid! Chillion Castle is a beautiful castle right on Lake Geneva. The castle is just a 30 minute train ride from the vineyards and a site you do not want to miss if you are in the area. 


Lake Geneva

We had a few minutes to kill before heading down to Chillion Castle. We took this time enjoying the soothing sound of Lake Geneva. It was so peaceful that I never wanted to leave. It made me wish that we stayed a little longer in the area. 


Chillion Castle

Chillion Castle is simply breathtaking. The train takes you to the castle with a short trek down. As we walk towards the castle, we saw people swimming right in front of the castle. If we had more time, we would probably dip our feet in the water. The self guided tour of Chillion Castle is only CHF 13.50. Due to the pandemic, we only can enter during our allotted time. To kill some time, we passed the time enjoying a lunch at Byron Cafe. Once our time arrived, we made our way to the short line. 

Chillion Castle was filled with photo ops. Every turn had a new view of the lake or a courtyard. We spent about two hours in the castle and we could probably explore it a little longer. 










Lavaux Vinorama

We were disappointed that we were not able to do any wine tasting. We did some research and discoverd that Lavaux Vinorama is the place to go. Vinorama is like a large wine store filled with all the best wines in all of Switzerland. Even better, you can choose a variety of wine tasting. We opted for the Expert Wine Tasting that included 3 white wines and 2 red wines for CHF 24. After wine tasting, we took home some wine. I purchased a white wine, red wine, and we shared a small port. We had a 3 hour bus ride back to Zurich so we gather our belongings at the hotel and heading back. 





Where to Eat: Lunch

Byron Cafe

For lunch, we went to Byron Cafe, a cafe located across from Chillion Castle. The cafe is a grab and go place in which patrons can grab sandwiches, hot foods, and wine. I bought way too much food here but had to have enough for both lunch and dinner.