Discover Jordan – Day 1: Yes, It’s Jordan

Discover Jordan – Day 1: Yes, It’s Jordan

Yes, I’m in Jordan. Jordan was an unexpected trip that we sprung on at the last minute. I hired a local coordinator to plan my trip to Jordan. This was my first time diving into a trip not knowing what I had on the agenda. While I was given an itinerary, I had no control if things go as planned. For the most part, things did not go as planned. 

When I arrived in Amman, I saw my name written on a white sheet of paper. I walked towards the man holding the sign thinking that he was my driver and introduced myself. As he was limping to his vehicle and we hesitantly walked behind him, he told us that he was not his driver. Excuse me! Minutes later, our “real” driver called our airport driver to tell us that he would pick us up at 8:00 am tomorrow. 

Where to Stay:

Sydney Hotel

Sydney Hotel was located on the 2nd floor of the building. We dragged our bags up a flight of stairs and saw a big sign that said Hostelworld. OMFG, did the coordinator just book us a hostel?! I have no problems with hostels as I stayed there for most of my 20s; however, the problem is that I requested a medium-cost hotel. The package that I paid for indicated that the mid-cost range was about 75-150. Sydney Hotel only costs $30. I just felt ripped off. Nonetheless, the Sydney Hotel was clean and was not a party hostel. 


Where to Eat:

Dinner: Zorba Touristic Restaurant 

69 Basman Street, Amman Jordan

For dinner, we went to a Lebanese restaurant that our coordinator recommended called Zorba. We just wanted a drink and some appetizers. When we entered the restaurant, the host sat us by the patio. One of the servers walked to our table and asked if we were interested in hookah. We declined. We started our night with Petra Beers. For food, we ordered hummus, garlic potato spread, and pita bread. The pita bread was not fresh and was packaged in a bag. It would have tasted better if the pita was warmed. The hummus was mediocre and the garlic potato spread was perhaps the best item we had of the 3. We were pretty disappointed. 


Dessert: Aima Ice Cream 

 40 Rue des Banques, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

After dinner, we stumbled into a cute ice cream shop called Aima. There was a small array of flavors. I had the cookies and cream and the toffee on a waffle cone. It was not the best ice cream I had but it did the trick. It was already late so we walked home after a short night out.