Discover Jordan: Day 4 – Road to Petra

Discover Jordan: Day 4 – Road to Petra

The weather is taking a turn for the worse. We were making our way down to Petra while visiting all the castles that we could. 


1. Kerak Castle

Location: 7VGR+9HJ, Jerash, Jordan Time Spent: 1 hr 15 mins Opening Hours: Varies

My favorite castle in Jordan is the Kerak castle. When we entered, there were locals following us in hopes of giving us a tour. They would walk alongside us and point where to go. We just wanted to roam around freely so we declined the tour. There is a lot of territory to explore that you can get lost for hours.  There is an incredible view from above but it does get windy during this time of year. By the time we left, it started downpouring. 


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2. Shobak Castle

Location: 8PGG+3X Ajloun, Jordan Time Spent: 30 mins 

After lunch, we made our way to Shobak Castle. The gate was semi-closed so our driver told us that we would have to climb up to get to the castle. We were not sure if the castle was open so my friend did not want to go. Good thing she said no because it started hailing 10 minutes later. Due to the poor weather, we decided to head to our hotel near Petra. 


Where to Eat:

Breakfast: Moab Hotel

I had breakfast at my hotel. It was a simple continental breakfast but perhaps the best thus far. 


Lunch: The Jerusalem Resthouse

We went to a buffet inside the Jerusalem Resthouse for lunch. At first, it appeared to be an antique shop until we walked towards the back corner. At the restaurant, they gave us the option of a buffet or their specialty meal. The specialty meal with a beef dish with rice and a side of sour yogurt. My driver had been suggesting this meal since we met so I decided to taste it. It was good but I would choose the buffet next time since I prefer having a variety of food. Towards the end of our meal, the power went out. The server and customers continued by using the flashlight function on their phones. 



Dinner: Pizza House

→ Tourism Street, Petra – Wadi Musa 71810 Jordan

By the time it was dinner, it started downpouring and hailing again. We decided to go to a nearby restaurant instead of finding the best restaurant on the strip. We were craving pizza so we stopped by Pizza House. We ordered a margherita pizza (8JOD) and chicken shawarma (3.50 JOD). The margherita pizza tasted like frozen pizza and the shawarma was dry since it had no sauce. I would probably avoid this place next time.  


Where to Stay:

Silk Road Hotel

Tourism Street, Wadi Moussa, Wadi Musa, Jordan

I liked this hotel for its location. It is a quick 5-minute walk to the entrance of Petra. The actual hotel is a bit outdated but the room had all the amenities that anyone would need on a short visit. We paid $100 for the night.