Discover Jordan: Day 6 – As Salt

Our driver is from the town of As-Salt. During our drive, he told us about the city. One important thing to acknowledge is that As-Salt is quite hilly, lots of stairs, and the roads are narrow. 

Where to Stay:

Jordan Heritage Madhafa

→ 77, Alkhader St 75, As-Salt, Jordan

We stayed at a charming hotel in As Salt called Jordan Heritage Madhafa. It is run by one man. He checked us in, escorted us around town, and even made us breakfast in the morning. He spoke only Arabic and we attempted to communicate through gestures and translation applications. I enjoyed the authenticity of this place. 

The hotel is affordable and the building is about 100 years old. With that said, the plumbing is not the best. Our bathroom flooded every time we showered and we had to walk around in sandals. But despite that, I would stay here again just because I love the host and the character of this place. 



1. St George Cathedral

→ 2PRG+CX, As-Salt, Jordan

There is not much to do in As Salt in the daytime other than to roam around aimlessly but even doing so is tiring. We asked our hotel host what is there to do and he said that the St. George Cathedral was not too far away. The hotel host knew the man who operated the church. The cathedral was closed but he found the operator and had the church open for us. To explore, it costs $1. The man who worked at the church gave us a short tour and a history of the place in Arabic. He used hand gestures to try to explain to us. From what I gathered, a man was blind but came to the church and he was cured. There was also a shrine filled with notes written by people. We tried to ask the worker about it but he did not understand. We wanted to know if this was where people made wishes. On our way out, we found a table of pens and paper. We wrote our wishes on the notepad, folded it up, and tossed our wishes in the shrine. After the church, we attempted to walk around but we just kept losing our breath too quickly. We decided to just relax until our hotel host picked us up for dinner. 





2. Explore As Salt

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel. The market was bustling. This country comes to life at night and I am all for it. 


Where to Eat:

Dinner: Al Gherbal Restaurant

→ Prince Hamza St, As-Salt, Jordan

I have to say that our hotel host is just incredible. At 6:30 he knocked on our doors and escorted us to a restaurant. He took us to Algherbal Restaurant. The decor was just the cutest. Our host asked if we wanted him to wait for us or if we could find our way back. We told him that we can find our way back. Even though he told us to take our time, we did not want to feel rushed. 

The menu is pretty large but not everything is available. I wanted to order some skewers but they were out for the day. Instead, I ordered the steak plate. The food was too salty for me.