Discover Jordan: Day 7-8 Amman

Discover Jordan: Day 7-8 Amman

As my trip came to an end, I decided to take things slow and enjoy Amman.


1. Roman Theatre

Taha Al-Hashemi St., Amman, Jordan

In the heart of Amman is the Roman Theatre. The theatre sits on the opposite side of the citadel. The Roman Theatre is well preserved and sits 6,000 people.  


2. AlPasha Turkish Baths and Spa

→ Ali Mahmoud Taha St., Amman 11181, Jordan

We went to a Hamman called AlPasha Turkish Baths and Spa. We recommend making a reservation as people were getting turned away when we were there. We made a reservation for a Turkish bath and spa at 1pm but we were able to come early at noon. First, we changed into our bathing suits. We were given some shoes. Next, they walked us to the shower. After the shower, they had us go in the jacuzzi. While we sat, they brought us juice and water. The juice was delicious. After that, they took us to the sauna where we sat until we were ready to be scrubbed down. We got scrubbed down pretty well and at the end of it, they gave us our own sponges. After the scrub, we showered again and headed to the massage table. The massage table was located on the outskirts of the room. There is no privacy so if you are modest, this may not be the activity for you. They massaged us for an hour then took us to the steam room when we were done. 

The facility is cute and comfortable. They have 3 rooms with curtains to change into your bathing suits. They also gave us lockers to store our belongings. There was also a table to freshen up after the spa. I highly recommend this place. Everyone was friendly and accommodating. 


3. Citadel of Amman

→ K. Ali Ben Al-Hussein St. 146, Amman, Jordan

The Citadel is an archaeological site in the center of Amman. This site is comprised of several landmarks including the Temple of Hercules, the Byzantine Church, and the Umayyad Palace. The Citadel also has incredible views of the city.

 amman   amman


4. Explore downtown Amman

There is so much to see in downtown Amman. There are numerous shops selling food, clothes, souvenirs, and more. We went souvenir shopping and the store managers were friendly. We made a few purchases and they gave us a little gift. We also made some perfume. There is perfume-making located throughout Amman. We went into several stores to see the type of bottle they had. I found a bottle that I liked. Most places had three different sizes. I got the medium size for $15. They also sell infusers for $30. After choosing our bottle, we smelled an array of scents. The salesman had us smell the most popular items. He also asked what type of scents I liked. They can also replicate famous perfumes/cologne. I know nothing about perfume/cologne but my best friend pulled up a brand that was $500 for a bottle. The salesman pulled out the scent. I believe that scent was slightly more expensive but definitely not $500. I enjoyed this experience and would highly recommend getting your scent made here. 



Where to Eat:

Lunch: Starbucks

We could not handle any more buffet food so we opted for Starbucks. The Starbucks looked closed but that’s because it’s Ramadan and the doors were completely blacked out. They recommended the smoked BBQ chicken sandwich (4.50). We also ordered 2 desserts, victoria cake (4), blueberry white chocolate cheesecake (3.70), moco chocolate chip frap (3.90). Both delicious. I ordered the strawberry and cream (3.7). The best part was that they wrote our names in Arabic on the cup.


Dinner: Nirvana

→ Rainbow St. 55, Amman, Jordan

We decided to have dinner at Nirvana. The décor just fits our vibe. They were serving beer but our server could see the disappointment in our faces. We have been dying for a cocktail! He finally whispered, “We have a drink that has gin.” I hate gin but at this point, I cannot be choosy. The drink was decent but it was a creeper. I also wanted something non-Mediterranean. I ordered a burger with fries while my BFF had a pizza. We were satisfied. 

amman   amman

Dinner: Sufra Restaurant

→ Sufra Restaurant Al, Rainbow St. 26, Amman, Jordan

Sufra was the best meal we had all trip. The hummus and pita were the best yet. The pita was made fresh and I cannot even count how many I had. I also order some grilled wings. They were nicely charred. It was worth the walk. 

Where to Stay:

Twins Downtown Hotel

→ King Talat St., 25, Jordan

Our hotel was right in the heart of downtown. Despite the location, we despise their bathroom. There are no dividers that separate the shower and the toilet. That means when we showered, the water stretched out to the door. The bathroom was always wet! We had to walk around in our sandals. Other than that, the room was pretty spacious with a view of nearby markets. Right outside of the hotel was a line of taxi drivers. Overall, it was not too shabby but would love a better functional bathroom.